Our aim is to provide a calm and friendly atmosphere for our clients and to be here to support and help them as required, so you can enjoy your time with your horse.

We offer livery services to suit you and your horse’s individual needs, ranging from a very basic DIY livery, where you do it all yourself, to our full livery service, which covers all your horses needs (other than being ridden). We treat all our livery horses as we would treat our own horses.


We also offer a service where our DIY clients are able to have their horses looked after as and when required. So if you are away on holiday or unwell, speak to us and we will look after your horse for you.


We can also offer you a mix and match service to suit your every day needs.



Full livery 7 days @ £120.00 per week (not ridden) = £520.00 per calendar month



Stable, field and use of all facilities.

Stables mucked out daily.

All hay and straw bedding.

Basic evening feed.

Horses/Pony turned out and brought in, rugs changed, feet picked out and a basic body brush.

Field cleared daily.

If shavings are required there will be an extra charge or you can buy your own.



DIY Stable & Grazing @ £36.00 per week = £156.00 per calendar month



Stable, field and use of all facilities.



Hay is priced per Kg used


Straw @£8.00 per week = £35 per calendar month


If you want to use shavings you can buy your own or there will be an extra charge.



Assisted livery


DIY - plus extra charges listed below



Extra Charges


Turn out or bring in - £2.50 each way


Rugs changed - £2.00.


Boots put on or removed £1.50.


Occasional full livery per day (includes turn out, bring in and mucking out) - £10.00 


Bringing Horse/Pony in for the Vet, Farrier or other professionals – £7.50 per time


Depending on the length of time the Proprietor has to spend with the Vet, Farrier etc, time will be charged at £15.00 per hour.


Prices are reviewed annually.

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